About Tiffany:

About Tiffany: Tiffany Dawn is a 28-year-old dreamer, adventurer, songwriter, speaker, and author of The Insatiable Quest for Beauty and Boycrazy. With her master’s degree in music therapy, Tiffany's dream is to open a home for girls struggling with eating disorders. She has a not-so-secret love affair with raspberry chai, long walks, and everything CIA. When she's not escaping winter through cross-country tours, Tiffany resides in beautiful upstate New York.

About the Ministry: Tiffany speaks in schools, colleges, churches, and treatment centers across the country on issues that impact both young people and women. In particular, she shares "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Seminar," which blends her original music and storytelling to share her journey through body image, disordered eating, and the constant pressure to be "good enough." She also has a new, practical, and humorous seminar called "Boycrazy," which talks about how to have healthy dating relationships.

Recommendation: John A. Martin, retired President of Tiffany's alma mater, Roberts Wesleyan College, put it this way: "Using both music and the compelling, self-revealing story of her personal struggle and growth to overcome the need for perfection and beauty, Tiffany connects powerfully with her generation. She is a voice that needs to be heard by both women and men." (View more recommendations here!)

New Book Is Here!!

*NEW* Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane

*NEW* Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane

Order here and you will receive a free download of Tiffany's song "Someday!"

Tiffany's brand new book "Boycrazy" was just released!! This is her story of growing up as a boycrazy girl, always dreaming of marriage, waiting for life to start once her Prince Charming arrived. But it’s also different from your typical book on singleness. It has all sorts of lessons Tiffany wishes she’d learned growing up: tips on how to date, how to be yourself around guys, how to know if a relationship is healthy, and thoughts on what contentment really is. Order your copy now on our Store page!

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Tiffany's fall tour!!!
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A Mental Reboot Kind of Prayer 

Sometimes our minds just need a mental reboot.

This is a prayer I learned at my church in Rochester, NY, and that I’ve since taken and used in my own day-to-day life, as a form of reboot for my mind.

When my thoughts are going to worry, fear, jealousy, or really anywhere but to the Lord, this helps me a lot. Sometimes I spent 10 minutes, sometimes 30 seconds, depending on the day — praying over my mind, eyes, ears, lips, and heart.

Below are some of the things/verses I pray that can get you thinking… Read more


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